About Us

Delta Little League (DLL) is comprised of 4 baseball fields located on the grounds of Royerton Elementary School. We are proud to be chartered with Little League International. That means we go through the rigor of maintaining our charter status in order to provide higher standards for safety, cleanliness, and insurance for our athletes. It also means we provide more thorough screening of volunteers to make sure your kids are safe as possible.

For decades, DLL has provided quality baseball instruction and competition for the surrounding area. We focus on providing a wholesome, healthy activity for kids that teaches teamwork, determination, and hard work. DLL is 100% driven by volunteers, many of whom are former Delta Little Leaguers themselves. This is direct evidence of the most important reason we exist - to highlight the importance of volunteerism, selflessness, and love for community. Our coaches, assistants, concession stand workers, and team parents selflessly give their time - all because they WANT to!