When is registration?

In general, registration runs from mid-January until early to late-February (see "Delta Little League" tab).

How much does it cost to register?

Tee ball is $75 and typically includes 7-8 games. Rookie, Minor, and Major league registration fee is $120 and would include 12 regular season games and a single-elimination tournament. All divisions include a jersey and league hat.

What division should my child play in?

In order to know the correct league for your child, you must know his or her league age. This can be determined by following the link on provided in the "external links" tab. Players must be evaluated in the skills assessment for fair placement during the draft process. Tee ball players DO NOT need to attend the skills assessment.

What is the skills assessment? Does my player need to attend?

Tee ball players are NOT expected to attend skills assessment. All other players (including league age 6 year-olds registered for coaches' pitch) are expected to attend the skills assessment, regardless of whether or not they have played in the past. This helps our coaches evaluate and score all players. We use those scores to maintain a draft that is as close to fair as possible.

This skills assessment is NOT a try-out. All kids will make a team, regardless of their skill level.

Are tee ball players drafted?

No. Tee ball players are split as evenly as possible by age and known skill level.

Who attends the draft?

Only coaches and assistant coaches are invited to attend the draft. No players or parents are present at this event.

When will I know what team my child is on?

Teams are not formed until registration has closed and the draft has occurred. If you contact the league about teams or the schedule prior to the draft, you will be referred to this section of the website.

After the draft, there is a LOT of organization and dissemination of information that needs to occur between multiple teams. There will also be some players shifted depending on numbers of players on each team. Please do NOT notify the league that you have not been contacted by a coach until AT LEAST 7 days after the draft.

When does the schedule come out?

The schedule cannot be made until registration has closed, the number of teams in each league is known, and sponsors have been assigned to each team. The schedule will also not be released until after the draft. Once players are separated into teams, a final schedule can be made. Once the schedule is made, teams can be made on GameChanger and all schedules and player information can be uploaded. This takes some time, so we ask for your patience!

My child is way better than everyone else on his team. I would like him to move up a league. What should I do?

Your child may be the best on his or her team, but that doesn't mean that the league is not appropriate for your player. Additionally, less-skilled players could stand to benefit from playing with a more-skilled player.

If you did not reach out to Delta Little League officials during registration to notify us that you would like your child to be considered for a higher league and the draft has occurred/teams have been formed, your child will not be considered for a higher league. No exceptions. At that point teams are formed, uniforms are ordered, and teams have been drafted as fairly as possible. Changing this upsets the balance of each division and is unfair to the coaches of the teams in both divisions that would be affected.

However, we fully support "moving up" talented kids that are ready for the challenge. The primary person to contact regarding moving up a division is the Player Agent (Kurtis Preston, deltalittleleagueVP@gmail.com). Additionally, you can contact the league email, deltalittleleague1@gmail.com

What equipment does my player need?

A baseball mitt is the only piece of equipment that is absolutely necessary. We do highly recommend purchasing your player a helmet, as league-provided helmets are limited. It is not necessary to purchase your player a baseball bat, as most players have their own and are willing to share. If you do purchase a bat, it must have the "USA Baseball" logo.

What type of bat should I buy my child for his or her league?

Please refer to the link labeled "Bat Rules" on this site for all Little League bat information. All Little League bats must possess the USA Baseball Logo. The only exception to this rule would be wooden bats. There are NO USSSA baseball bats allowed in Little League. This is not a suggestion. 

What's the big deal about the USA Bats? Is the league just being difficult?

We're not just being difficult. Our Little League charter, insurance, and liability depend on our adherence to this rule. Violation of the USA bat rule is a serious problem for us.

If you have one, please do not bring it into the dugout. Kids tend to grab bats if they see them - and they don't always know the difference between legal and illegal bats.