The Spring season runs from Opening Day mid-late April through mid-June, when our season-ending tournament is held for the Rookie, Minor, and Major league divisions. We use SportsConnect for registration, formerly known as BlueSombrero.

Please visit to register your child.

If you've never registered a child with our league, you will need to create an account and then add your child.

Registration Basics

Registration FAQs

Can my child play regular season Little League baseball if I don't live within the district?

Yes. You should be able to register your child on the SportsConnect website and are eligible to play baseball during the regular season. If you fall within another official Little League district, it is possible that you may need to obtain a waiver in order to participate in our league. If you have questions about this, please contact us.

Why does it matter whether or not I live within district or attend an accepted school?

Players that do not attend an accepted school or live within district will not automatically be eligible to play on Delta's District 6 tournament team (must have been selected as an all-star at the end of the season)

Out of district players can go through a waiver process and, after 1 year of eligibility, have a chance to participate on the Delta District 6 tournament team. This process must be completed prior to June 1.

Please contact for questions about this process

How do I know if I am "in district"?

If you live within the boundaries of Delta Little League (to find out type in your address at this website) or you attend one of the schools provided in the drop-down box during registration (Delta MS, Royerton Elementary, Eaton Elementary, Albany Elementary, Wes-Del Elementary, Yorktown Elementary, Pleasant View Elementary, West View Elementary and Northview Elementary), you are considered "in district"

Muncie is currently in the process of forming a Little League and eligibility may soon change

What is a proof of residency?

When uploading your proofs of residency, please follow the instructions on the website carefully. SportsConnect/Little League have specific categories of proofs of residency that must be uploaded. Just take a clear picture of these documents with your phone, navigate to the registration site, and upload the pictures.