ECI Fall Ball

Sometimes the Spring baseball league just isn't enough! Does it ever seem like your kid is just getting the hang of baseball...and then the season ends? Fall baseball is an excellent way to continue developing skills gained during the regular season so your player retains more next year.

We use a player's league age for the NEXT Spring season to determine their league placement for Fall ball.

Example: If your child just finished Rookie League and will be moving up to Minor League next Spring season, you might want them to learn how to hit from live pitching from another player. In Fall Ball, they'll move up (along with other kids of appropriate age) and get the opportunity to hit from live pitching (or even pitch). 

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How do I register for ECI Fall Ball?

Visit Login and look for "programs available". If you don't see any available programs, it's likely you're registering outside of the approved dates, your player is outside the age range of the league, or you've logged into the wrong site.

What if I've never used BlueSombrero?

If you've never used BlueSombrero, you'll need to create a login and a profile for each player you plan to register. Make sure that the contact information you enter is correct, as this is what is provided to coaches to contact families after the draft.

Is ECI Fall Ball the same thing as Delta Baseball Club?

No. ECI Fall Ball is a Fall Baseball league open to the surrounding area. We provide a more relaxed environment with games and practices intended to help players retain and learn the skills needed for their next "regular" season.

Why is it called ECI Fall Ball and not Delta Fall Ball?

We named our league ECI Fall Ball to highlight the fact that our Fall League, unlike our regular Spring league, is NOT affiliated with Little League. Because of this we are able to accept players from everywhere and modify rules to focus on development.