District Tournament ("All-Star") Team

Delta Little League is a member of Indiana Little League District 6. As such, our teams are eligible to compete in district tournaments for several age groups.

Little League District Tournaments are not a typical tournament. Little League holds the highest standard for verification of coaches, assistants, and players in youth baseball. Preparing a team for the district tournament is more than just picking your favorite player and coach.

A Little League District Team consists of:

How does Delta Little League select the "all-star" team?

The Manager

The Coaches

District tournaments for majors, 9-10-11, and 8-9-10 teams allow 2 coaches in addition to the manager for a maximum of 3 adult coaches in the dugout (1 manager, 2 coaches). The 2 coaches are selected by the manager, but must meet Little League eligibility criteria (must have head- or assistant coached during the regular season, passed a background check, and must complete all necessary paperwork).

The Players

The all-star selection process is simultaneously one of the most rewarding and most painful experiences for coaches and players alike. There will always be players left out. There will always be parents that feel their child should be an all-star.

As of the 2024 season, the following represents the all-star selection process: